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Perri Shakes-Drayton will be especially pleased Yes - as a Brit, it hardly comes as any surprise that I'm delighted the 2017 World Athletics Championships will be coming to London but there really were so many positives concerning the bid that arguably the most suitable city was chosen.

Nobody wants to compete in stifling, oppressive heat and if it means shifting the event back to mid-September when it's slightly 'cooler' then that is far from ideal given the norm of holding major championships in July or August. The legacy after London 2012 can now live on until the 2017 World Champs and far beyond - it gives the city an enormous amount to look forward to; the next few years will be as good as it gets if you are a GB internatonal.

I have no doubts whatsoever that Qatar could have put on a wonderful event as they did - albeit on a much smaller scale - for the 2010 World Indoor Championships, however there were potential worries that the stadium would not be full for each session whereas that issue should not be a problem in London.

The London bid team have done a fantastic job (again) to bring such a prestigious event (the world's third largest) to the city and their hard work has finally been rewarded with this ultimate 'prize'. Congratulations to everyone involved - the countdown to 2017 begins now... just over 2,000 days to go!

Let's just hope the Olympics ticketing fiasco experienced by many people will not be repeated for this major event and there is some system introduced that gives preferential treatment to those people actively involved in the sport, including coaches, officials and club staff who give up their free time voluntarily to assist local athletes - now that really would be something worth introducing.

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