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James Ellington is world-classThe recent story of 26-year-old British sprinter James Ellington seeking sponsorship through eBay in order to continue training and competing in 2012 did not surprise or shock me but made me draw some interesting comparisons between athletics and other sports.

The amount that Ellington sought (£30,000) would cover all expenses and provide a wage of £15,000 for one season. A modest sum by anyone's standards but when you consider that the top footballers is this country are wided reported to earn up to £250,000 per week, this equates to eight years in athletics terms. Eight years... that's basically an entire career at the top for most athletes... in ONE WEEK.

Clearly athletics is on another planet compared to football in terms of finances (and has been for many years) but the fact that one of our best sprinters has to resort to this is still depressing.

With so much lottery cash being used to create local sports schemes, facilities and initiatives to generate interest in the younger generation, it is sad that when athletes such as Ellington develop into world-class performers they do not receive the same funding and help now that they are actually 'there'.

Of course, attracting youngters into sport is of paramount importance but this support must continue all the way through their careers - this could not be more true on the dawn of the London 2012 Olympics, which will be the most significant event in the UK for decades.

All the best Mr Ellington and I really hope things will work out fine for you next year!

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