Team GB Kit for London 2012? In a word... No.

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Team GB kit unveiledLet's face it... the Team GB Olympic kit, which was recently unveiled for London 2012, is not great. While previous kits have proudly shown off the Union Jack and had the right balance between patriotism and striking design, the new 'efforts' catch the eye for all the wrong reasons.

Firstly, the colours used are such a strong deviation from what we have enjoyed in the past - the blues aren't even an accurate representation of our traditional shades that have been worn with pride for many years. The introduction of both a royal blue and an even lighter tone detracts from other elements of the kit that could have been successful if combined with the right overall design.

The simple fact is that the kits do not excite and inspire - they look confused and the problem worsens when considering other sports, where the design varies significantly and looks even more disjointed.

The London 2012 Olympics are our single chance to showcase what Britain is capable of... sadly the Team GB kits have mainly been talked about for all the wrong reasons and that is a terrible shame. Take medals, for example. I was dreading seeing the 2012 Olympics medals when they were first shown to the public however the simple, bold and effective design was a pleasant surprise. Why change something that works perfectly well? Medals should be round, chunky (but not too big) with a real feel of quality unlike many of those awarded at recent major championships where the organisers have felt the need to reinvent the wheel.

Luckily for Team GB fans, it's the medals that will be remembered from this summer's Olympics and Paralympics therefore these sorry kits should be largely forgotten once the action has come to a close. Hopefully our next big chance at the 2017 World Athletics Championships will see a return to a more 'appropriate' design that all of Britain can get behind and support.

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